Emerald City FC Staff

Emerald City FC is lucky to have a dedicated administrative staff and club volunteers that will strive to answer questions and queries regarding the club’s programs in a timely manner.

You can contact Emerald City FC using the following contact information:

Mailing Address: Emerald City FC, P.O. Box 85505, Seattle, WA 98145

Phone: 1.206.629.8860

Club Administrative Staff

Director of Coaching Bobby Howe rohowe1@outlook.com
Club Registrar registrar@emeraldcityfc.org
Bookkeeper Amy Wakeman accounts@emeraldcityfc.org
Club Treasurer Allen Carter treasurer@emeraldcityfc.org
Field Scheduler fields@emeraldcityfc.org
Website ecfcwebsite@emeraldcityfc.org
PSPL Club Contact Amy Wakeman amy.wakeman@emeraldcityfc.org
Korrio Contact Amy Wakeman accounts@emeraldcityfc.org
US Club Contact Amy Wakeman amy.wakeman@emeraldcityfc.org


Club Volunteers

Uniform Coordinator Michael Donegan M97G mtdonegan@hotmail.com
Tryouts Coordinator Dan Barsher M97G thebarshers@yahoo.com
Manager Coordinator Eli Holmes M00G tam@emeraldcityfc.org
   new manager mentor Joe Shaeffer F04G  josephs@mhb.com
Club Newsletter secretary@emeraldcityfc.org
Residential Camp Kerry Bauman F01G Kerry.Bauman@emeraldcityfc.org
Turkey Shoot Ryan Sawyer M03G turkeyshoot@emeraldcityfc.org
Holiday Indoor Jamboree Jon Halfaker jon.halfaker@emeraldcityfc.org
Fundraising and Scholarship Fund  
Club Social Coordinator  


Emerald City FC exists to develop each of our players to his or her fullest potential, competing at the highest possible level while demonstrating exemplary teamwork, sportsmanship, and a passion for the game.