2014 ECFC Awards Banquet a Huge Success!

DeAndre Yedlin Honored


Sunday's annual ECFC Awards potluck and ceremony was a rousing success. It began as usual with a huge potluck, and culminated in ECFC Alum and Seattle Sounders Player DeAndre Yedlin being presented with a career achievement award by Bobby Howe, DOC, and, and in turn, presenting ECFC's prestigious Silver and Golden Boot awards.

It takes everybody involved to make the club a success.  It takes every player on a team roster contributing what they can for the team to be successful. Similarly, it takes the contributions of every member of our club, from the board, our hardworking volunteers, parents, and coaches for us to continue growing and having the success that we have had in the past year. ECFC wishes to thank everybody for a very successful 2013-2014 year as we move forward into our Emerald year!

Recipients of the Golden Boot Award

  • Kike Birnirschke - U15-U18 Club MVP 
  • Gabe Rifkin - U15-U18 Club MVP
Recipients of the Silver Boot Award
  • Maslyn Pessner - U11-U14 Club MVP
  • Avery Jacobson - U11-U14 Club MVP

The following players were honored as 2013-2014 Pivotal Players for their teams:

  • Fiona O’Donnell - F02 Green
  • Clara Bertany - F01 Green
  • Ellie Sommerville - F01 White
  • Jake Faul - M02 Green
  • Gideon Knox - M02 White 
  • Jake Johnson - M01 Green
  • Julian Renschler - M01 White
  • Diego Stoffels-Lopez - M01 Blue
  • Alyssa Hershey - F00 Green
  • Elissa Koyuk - F99 Green
  • Lupita Barren - F98 Green
  • Sam Leffler - M99 Green
  • Jared Jerome - M99 White
  • Ryan Farley - M98 Green
  • Meghan Wicken - F96 Green
  • Chloe Keller - F96 White
  • Hannah Corsa - F95 Green
  • John Reynolds - M97 Green
  • Reid Bishop - M97 White
  • Wallis Lapsley - M95 Green
  • James Takami - M95 White


Development players


Recipients of the Pivotal Player awards


Recipients of the Silver and Golden Boot awards


Emerald City FC exists to develop each of our players to his or her fullest potential, competing at the highest possible level while demonstrating exemplary teamwork, sportsmanship, and a passion for the game.