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Emerald City’s 2nd annual 3v3 donation drive will be happening on Saturday, June 10th at Magnuson Field #5, 10:00am – 11:30am. We are a proud supporter of Mary’s Place and the Life is a Kick Foundation, and look forward to hosting a great event and providing items to help those in need.

Each 3v3 team will play a minimum of 3 games. Bring your teammates, bring your friends!

To Register for the 3v3 Jamboree: CLICK HERE

This page is where we will post the game schedule. Please check back to this page on June 8th. 

Mary’s Place Donation Items:
School Items.
o Scissors (student and adult size)
o Headphones (not earbuds)
o Calculators (Texas Instruments TI-83+ or better, TI-30X IIS Solar Scientific, or TI-30xs multi-view scientific)
o USB drives
o EXPO dry erase markers (black chisel tip, multi-colored fine point)
o backpack (character and name brand)
o lunch boxes
o Post-it notes (4×4 and 3×3)
o Small travel spray bottles (for hand sanitizer)
o masks/face coverings
o Kleenex
o Hand/baby wipes
o Disinfectant wipes
o Paper towels
o Band-aids
o Ziploc bags (gallon, quart, or sandwich size)
o Snacks
o Elmer’s glue (sticks, bottle)
o Crayola watercolors
o Crayola markers
o Pink erasers
o 3×5 index cards
o Plastic pocket folders
o Scotch tape
o 3-ring 1” binder
o Binder dividers with pockets
o Three-hole punch folders
o College ruled loose leaf lined paper
o Pens (blue and black ink)
o Pen/pencil pouch
o Highlighters
o Glue sticks
o Ruler
o Graph paper spiral notebooks

o Shampoo and Conditioner
o Deodorant
o Body wash and body lotion
o Lip balm
o Hair brushes and combs, hair ties
o Nail care products, nail polish
o Razors
o Diapers and wipes (sizes 5 & 6)
o Pull ups (4T and 5T)
o PE Clothes (white t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, athletic shoes, or gift card)
o Shelf-stable food items like granola bars, fruit snacks, goldfish/crackers, applesauce pouches, etc.


Life is a Kick Cares Foundation Items:
• Soccer shoes
• Soccer Socks
• Soccer Shorts
• Soccer Jerseys
• Shin guards
• Soccer balls
• Scrimmage vests
• Soccer sweat tops/bottoms
• Gear bags

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