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2020 Board Candidate Statements

There will be an election process for new ECFC Board Members in 2020.  Below are the candidate statements for this new cycle (listed in alphabetical order by last name). There are 5 people running for 4 open spots.

Candidate Statement – Casey Larrance

My name is Casey Larrance. My son, Beckett, plays on the 08 Boys team that John Hamel is coaching this year. I am a Seattle native… grew up on Capitol Hill and went to Garfield H.S. I have played organized soccer since the age of 5 when I started playing for the Capitol Hill club. In 8th grade I was invited by Walter Schmetzer Sr. to join the Seattle Bobcats alongside John Hamel and Walt and Andy Schmetzer. After highschool I went off to play at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). Although the soccer was great at UNC I transferred to The Evergreen State College in Olympia. At TESC I earned All-America honors my senior year among other league, conference and team awards. I then played a couple of years for the Washington State Team coached by Mike Ryan and have continued to play through adulthood at various levels and coached a handful of years with some of Beckett’s teams (rec and CYO).

Why be on the ECFC Board? I am approaching this as a concerned parent. By that, I mean that I am concerned about youth sports clubs/ organizations that are not focused on the development of the kids as both athletes AND individuals. I chose ECFC for Beckett after having a lengthy conversation with John Hamel about coaching philosophy and the Seattle youth soccer landscape. Three years ago, I moved back to Seattle from San Jose, CA where Beckett played in the San Jose Earthquakes organization. It was big and lacked cohesiveness and his coach was more concerned with padding his resume with wins and titles than developing the players as a whole. I was very relieved to hear what John had to say about how he and the club approached coaching. I have played soccer at a fairly high level and know what it takes to compete. I also know what it’s like to be a parent uncertain about the Seattle soccer landscape. I am concerned about kids, regardless of whether they may or may not develop into very good players, and the possibility of burning out on a sport/ sports in general before they reach mid-high school years.  I would be honored to help support and maintain the core philosophy of the club while we try to grow and cement ourselves as a competitive alternative to the bigger clubs in the area. I think I would fit in the board as an at large member.

Candidate Statement – Chad Lepper (current Board member)

My family’s experience with Emerald City has been fantastic, providing our son with a more rewarding and challenging soccer experience while focusing on his athletic and personal development. Two years ago, I led the volunteer coordination for our team tryouts and after that experience, I felt a draw to do more for the club.  I have just completed my first year as a board member, serving as the VP of Membership.  I have enjoyed the experience, working alongside a great group of board members and coaches, continuing to support team tryouts, and coordinating the annual membership survey.  I look forward to the opportunity of continuing to support our members if elected.  Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate Statement – Sean Moore

Greetings Emerald City FC! My name is Sean Moore and I ask for your vote to the Emerald City FC Board of Directors. My family chose the Emerald City Development Program for our daughter when she was in second grade because we believe that youth soccer at its earliest stages should operate less like a crucible and more like a flower pot. She is now a capable and confident sophomore on both the U16 – F05 Green team and her high school team due in large part to our club’s express commitment to the development of the whole player. I know that the ECFC philosophy of gradually incorporating the expectation of on-the-field excellence works because I’ve had the privilege of serving as the F05 Green Team Manager for the last four seasons. I’ve seen my daughter and her teammates develop into scholars, musicians, multi-sport athletes, and student leaders, as well as dynamic and fiercely competitive soccer players. As I begin my 5th year on the sidelines as a team manager, I want to expand my advocacy for this club’s mission by joining the Board of Directors. I believe I can make a positive contribution to the efficient administration of our club, its responsiveness to our families, outreach to the greater soccer community, and ambitious prospective endeavors such as practice field acquisition. It would be my honor to have your support.

Candidate Statement – Paul Wacker

Last year I spent my time as Team Manager for F05 Emerald City FC White team. I returned to ECFC after having been a Coach from 1990-1992. I began my soccer playing career in 1970 at the age of 7 and my coaching career in 1985 at the age of 21. I have seen and been a part of the growth of soccer in the Seattle area for this entire time. Currently I sit on the Board of Terrace Brier Soccer Club in the position of Director of Coaching and Player development where my daughter has played the last 4 years.  I have coached at various levels in the following clubs, Shorelake, Emerald City, Seattle United, Terrace Brier, Kent and was a founding member of the Shorelake Advanced Development program and FC Shoreline soccer club. In addition to these clubs I was also Assistant Coach at Shorecrest HS under the direction of Head Coach Teddy Mitalas from 1995-2002. My hope is to bring my vast soccer knowledge and experience to the Board as the VP of Membership and represent all the other Parents in the club in doing so. Thank You.

Candidate Statement – Heather-Marie Wilson

I am interested in serving on the ECFC board. My older daughter played on ECFC F98/F99 teams for 5 years and also practiced with the M98 team for the last two years of high school. My younger daughter has been playing on F05 for 4 years. I am interested in providing female representation on the board from the perspective of a player (high school girls & boys varsity, men’s college intramural, 20+ yr Co-Rec, & 1 season GSSL), coach (recreational), team manager (5 yr ECFC F98/F99), and as an active referee (2015-present: U19 & younger, including competitive and recreational state cup semi-finals/finals and City Tournament finals, boys/girls ECNL matches). I am passionate about the game and I enjoy working boys and girls matches because of the varied playing styles. I do give preference to accepting referee assignments for girls matches because it’s important for them to see women involved in all aspects of the game. My daughters have benefitted immensely from their time in ECFC, especially my older daughter who found her university due to opportunities that became available only because of the extra support given by ECFC coaches. I want to share my passion for the game and my gratitude to the club by contributing to Emerald City’s continuing success. I can do this by ensuring that the needs of the players and parents on the female teams have a strong voice while also recognizing and addressing the needs of the male teams.

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