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Coaches Bio

    2022/2023 Teams:     M09 Green     M07 White 

    2022/2023 Teams:     M09 Green     M07 White 

    2022/2023 Teams:     M09 Green     M07 White 


“Everything is practice.” ~ Pele

ECFC Role: Head Coach / Development Program Co-Director

Licenses and Diplomas:

  • USSF “E” License

Coaching Background: 11 years of experience

  • Emerald City FC since 2020
  • Seattle Sounders Soccer Camps
  • Holmdel FC NJX

Playing Experience: 

  • Tyler Junior College

Coaching Philosophy:

I became a Coach and trainer because I deeply love this game and I wish to provide a positive sporting experience for young athletes. We need to use sports and the challenge youth sports present us as a way to teach life lessons and to help inspire for what the future holds. As a team we must create a fun and competitive environment in order to develop both smart and mentally tough players. The most important thing I can do as a coach is to help young players with their self-confidence to become brave enough to express themselves on the field and off it. As coaches and role models we must encourage young players to keep trying no matter the difficulty because it’s in the trying an trying again that makes them great. I love this game and always try my best to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained to the next generations.

Favorite teams:

  • Far and wide: 
  • Hometown teams: Seattle Sounders



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