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Coaches Bio

    2022/2023 Teams:     M07 Green     M10 Green 

    2022/2023 Teams:     M07 Green     M10 Green 

    2022/2023 Teams:     M07 Green     M10 Green 


“It is always good to be careful of vigilant.” ~ Didier Deschamps

ECFC Role: Head Coach

Licenses and Diplomas:

  • USSF “A” License
  • USC National Youth License

Coaching Background: 31 years of experience

  • Emerald City FC since 2015
  • Seattle United
  • Northshore Soccer Academy
  • Eastside FC
  • Ingraham High School Varsity Boys
  • Head Coach Gisors France

Coaching Philosophy:

I have a multitude of skills and experiences that come from over thirty years of deep involvement in soccer. From playing on a semi-pro team in France, to coaching select teams, to continuous education, I provide a level of coaching that will push players to attain a high level of excellence. As a good coach, the strengths I bring to a team are:

  • Quick diagnosis of player and team strengths and weaknesses.
  • Providing a deep understanding of all aspects of soccer.
  • My enthusiasm and passion for the game.
  • Being a skilled player with 25 years of playing experience.
  • Setting high expectations so that my players can reach their potential.

Favorite teams:

  • Far and wide: AS Saint-Étienne and Monaco
  • Hometown teams: Seattle Sounders



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