Coaches Bio

    2021/2022 Teams:     M10 White     Development Program 

    2021/2022 Teams:     M10 White     Development Program 

    2021/2022 Teams:     M10 White     Development Program 


“Control the controllable.”  

ECFC Role: Head Coach / Development Coach / Website and Social Media Manager

Licenses and Diplomas:

  • USSF “F” License

Coaching Background: 11 years of experience

  • Emerald City FC since 2015
  • Youth Soccer Camps

Coaching Philosophy:

Players need to be put into situations that replicate the actual game. They need to center their experience where they will be “Challenged, yet Successful”. There needs to be constant reevaluating of which level a player is at. Coaches need to find the best place for players to grow and develop. Always ask, “What is best for the player?”

Playing select soccer is a life experience. We put so much time, energy, money and effort into the experience, that we need to make sure players are given quality life lessons along the way. Take advantage of these opportunities so players grow as human beings as well as soccer players.

Favorite teams:

  • Far and wide: Juventus
  • Hometown teams: Seattle Sounders and Tacoma Stars


(206) 384-8415