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Boys Teams

Emerald City FC Boys Teams

Emerald City FC is very proud to have teams from U8 to U19. As a club, we strive for development on and off the field. U8 to U10 is considered our Development program (no tryouts), and U11-U19 teams have tryouts.  For a list of ECFC coaches please click here.  Here are the 2022-2023 boys teams and coaches…

High School Boys Coaches:
  • M04/05 Green – CJ Hamel
  • M04/05 White – Alex Jessup
  • M06 Green – David Smith
  • M06 White – Alex Jessup
  • M07 Green – Francois Delafosse
  • M07 White – Colin Schmetzer
U11-U15 Boys Coaches:
  • M08 Green – John Hamel
  • M08 White – Kerry Hamel
  • M09 Green – Colin Schmetzer
  • M09 White – TBD
  • M10 Green – Francois Delafosse
  • M10 White – Kerry Hamel
  • M11 Green – David Smith
  • M11 White – Alex Payton
  • M12 Green – CJ Hamel
Development Program Coaches (Boys U08 to U10):
  • CJ Hamel, Program Director
  • Kerry Hamel
  • Anders Hirst
  • Nicky Hamel

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