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Emerald City FC is proud to announce a partnership with Seattle Soccer Referee Association and the Seattle soccer community to host a Referee Licensing Clinic on December 18th at Eagle Staff Middle School.

This clinic will be for ages 13 and up. We want to encourage players and parents to participate in this program as there are many benefits to becoming a referee. Players and parents will gain more knowledge about the game, it has good pay, and is great exercise!

Below is detail about the clinic through a simple FAQ.

How long does this clinic take? There are 5 hours of online education, including the exam. The course portion can be completed at your own pace prior to December 18th. The exam will need to be completed in a single sitting. Please note there is an extra hour of training if you are 18 years of age and older.

When and where is the on-field training? December 18th at Eagle Staff Middle School. 11am – 2:30pm.

What is the exam pass rate? An applicant must pass with a minimum of 80%.

How long can I referee for with this certification? You can ref throughout 2022.

Is anyone else at Emerald City a certified referee? Yes, we have a few coaches and a number of players who are certified referees.

Can a parent and child participate together? Yes.

How do I sign up and what is the cost? The cost is $85 per applicant (USSF registration fee $65+$20 Clinic Fee). Please use this link for registration detail.

Click on the WASRC link at the bottom of the page to register.

Is there any additional information? Yes, please visit the following link for specific detail about this clinic.

If I have any questions, who do I need to contact? Please contact Alex Payton via text at (206) 578-7587.


ECFC Membership Testimonial 

“I have been and ECFC parent for the past several years, and have been refereeing for the past two – I wish I had started sooner!  It is such a great way to give back to the sport I have loved for so long and I have learned so much from seeing the games from a completely different perspective.  I enjoy the referee culture that fosters positive feedback and constant improvement.  And I get some exercise!  I just love it!” – Joe Schaeffer (F04/03 Parent and TAM Manager)


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