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In Memoriam

In Memory of

Todd Schilperoort


His honesty always brought the best out in people


He always wanted the best for his players


Always willing to lend a hand


Todd loved the sport of soccer

Todd’s Story

A former Sounder, PLU, and SPU player, Todd Schilperoort lived and breathed the sport of soccer. Todd dedicated his life to the beautiful game and was an individual who made an impact through soccer all over the world. From the State of Washington, to Ohio, to Alabama, to Saudi Arabia, he influenced and mentored people at the youth, collegiate, and the adult level.
To speak to the level of his influence on Emerald City, Todd was John Hamel’s coach while he was playing for a state youth team. Todd started working at Emerald City in 2013 having coached all ages, and never having a team that didn’t improve ten-fold. His teams won league championships, State Cups, and summer tournaments on a regular basis.
Todd was diagnosed with ALS in December of 2021 and passed away in Sept of 2022. Even with his condition quickly progressing, he never budged his professionalism and enthusiasm for coaching. He never felt sorry himself and was always smiling. His coaching style, his knowledge, and the respect he received from his players was a sight to behold.
Todd was a thoughtful, kind, energetic individual who is truly missed. His legacy will always live on at Emerald City FC.

We would love to read your memories and stories of Todd. 

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Burke Fewel
Burke Fewel
1 year ago

One of the best memories my daughter had was from when Todd was her coach and they went on a Spokane roadtrip. He arranged a “team bonding” event in Spokane (no parents) and we still talk about the fun they had to this day.

1 year ago

We so appreciated Todd’s commitment to soccer and the ECFC family, especially the F08s. When Todd shared the news about his ALS and decided to “downsize” his coaching commitments, we were forever grateful that he chose to continue coaching our F08 team. He was dedicated and wanted to see those girls excel. Thank you Todd, you will be missed.
The Overby’s

Christian Keffel
Christian Keffel
1 year ago

I knew Todd as a colleague and I always admired his approach to his craft. His ability to blend a strict curriculum and humor at the most random of times always brought a good laugh. When we worked with the M03 age group years back, we always would have a long chats after practice about anything and everything. It showed the side of Todd that was a true conversationalist; always thoughtful, funny, and willing to lend an ear. I enjoyed getting to know Todd and will miss seeing him on the field.

Rusty, Secil, Steve and Aleena
Rusty, Secil, Steve and Aleena
1 year ago

Todd cared deeply for the kids he coached. He inspired them with knowledge, humor, and a love for the game. He also gave them a glimpse of what real bravery looks like, facing his illness with no complaints and an indomitable will.
In turn, his players (and parents) will never forget him, or the example he provided.

Eddie Henderson
Eddie Henderson
1 year ago

I am saddened to hear this news! Todd was my first ODP coach in 1982! I had a great career in the game because of him and I appreciate all that he did for me! He was one of the first coaches who made me realize as a player…”The little things matter…how you train, how you compete, and strive to be the best! R.I.P Todd!