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Register for SportsWorx

High School Age Players Register For SportsWorx

Deadline For High School Players To Register For Sportsworx

August 31st is the deadline for the club to sign up our players for Sportsworx, the online college research program that ECFC provide free of charge to our high school-age players.

There are several aspects to Sportsworx which are of tremendous benefit to our members: a college research tool, a scholarship program which provides thousands of dollars in scholarship money to select schools simply for being a member of our club, and a fundraising program for the club which was detailed during the May team formation meetings. The only prerequisite that Emerald City requires of our high school-age players to participate in these benefits is that the player must be registered in Korrio with full payment or a payment plan in place. Please make sure that your child meets these requirements so that they do not miss out on this tremendous program. If you have any question that the requirements are met, please call Amy Wakeman at (206) 713-4656

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