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Rules Of Conduct

Raising The Bar

Our expectation is that every member of our club represent themselves and our organization as role models for the rest of the league in their conduct on and off the field. As the premier club for the greater Seattle area, many look to us to lead by example.

Current players and parents/guardians are required to sign a code of conduct when registering with the club.  A copy of the code of conduct is found here: ECFC Code of Conduct – January 2018.

Sideline Conduct

ECFC members, including parents, coaches, and players, shall not insult or harass officials before, during, or after a game. It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit referees to officiate youth sports due to the hostility from spectators.

Sideline outbursts can quickly get out of control and it is incumbent upon you to keep your composure and have a calming influence.

Officials are human and their field of vision is not 360 degrees. Understand that they are doing their best and that the game could not exist without them.

The referee’s decision on the field of play is final. No amount of yelling or argument will change a call, and the referee has the authority to eject parents and coaches from the playing area.

If an official makes a mistake during a game, teams have the right to submit a formal protest. It is the responsibility of the team coach to ask the referee for the appropriate form immediately following the contest.

This is the only recourse available. Leave the coaching to the coaches. Parents and spectators shall not yell instructions to players or harass players from the opposing team.

We have retained some of the best coaches in the region. Give them the space to do their jobs. Even with the best of intentions, your sideline instructions will only serve to undermine the coach’s influence on the players.

Instead, cheer and congratulate players for making a nice pass, a good defensive play, as shot on goal, etc. Keep the atmosphere positive and allow the players to give their undivided attention to their coaches and playing the game.

Please refrain from using artificial noisemakers to intimidate other teams or otherwise influence games. Allow the players to determine the outcome of the game in between the lines.

Do not bring air horns, cow bells, whistles, boom boxes, or any other artificial noisemakers to games.

While you may think that these noisemakers are helpful to your own team, they often serve to intimidate and confuse the youth players of the opposing team.

Youth soccer is about player development and good sportsmanship– not winning at all cost.

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