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Tactics & Techniques

Topics Covered

  • Ball handling and angles
  • Angles and through balls
  • Marshalling the box – ¬†high balls and judging crosses
  • Shot stopping from various distances and angles
  • Crossing and shot stopping
  • Shot stopping and kicking
  • Shot stopping off crosses, foot clearances
  • Through balls, goalkicks and punts
  • Low ball footwork technique, Shot stopping and punting
  • Mid-waist shot footwork stopping technique, angle play
  • High Ball shot footwork shot stopping technique, angle play
  • Footwork – keeping feet vs diving, Cutbacks/Crosses
  • Through ball footwork and decision making, standing and sliding technique – to save and for safety
  • Footwork, Shot Stopping technique (low balls) under game pressure
  • Mid to high ball shot stopping technique under game pressure
  • Through balls, 1v1’s, studying technique and decision making
  • Reading high balls, crosses under pressure

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