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Team Formation

Team Formation Meetings

“Team formation” meetings occur shortly after tryouts to introduce coaches with players/families, set expectations for the upcoming season, and identify volunteer team helpers. Formation meetings are for players who have been offered a spot on an ECFC team for the upcoming year.  Players and parents/guardians are expected to attend. Please make sure at least one parent of the player attends the team formation meeting, as important team, club and player information is handed out at this time. Please see below for volunteer information that each team requires and be prepared to ask more questions regarding positions and/or volunteer for a position.

Dates/times/locations will be communicated by the club or coaching staff after tryouts, and posted below.

Age Group
High School Boys (2006-2009) --->
U11-15 Boys & Girls (2014-2010) --->
High School Girls (2006-2009) --->

If you and your player are unable to attend the Team Formation meeting please contact your ECFC team coach.

ECFC is a volunteer driven organization and we rely on contributions of time and effort from parents and families to make our club successful. The following are positions that each team will need volunteers for. Volunteering for your player’s team helps with the success of their team.

TAMS [Team Administrative Manager(s)]:

Appointed by and reports to the team coach. Responsibilities include securing paperwork for players; registering teams for tournaments; keeping and maintaining player cards, communication between coach and families about practices, games, etc. Teams are encouraged to have 2 TAMS, not just one, and to divide the workload in a way that best fits the individual team needs and team manager skills and interests.

Parent Rep:

Elected by the parent group, the Parent Rep helps to resolve any parent/player/coach issues on their team. The parent reps may be asked to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board. All parent reps collectively constitute the ECFC Parent Committee.


Works with coach and manager to create team budget, collects, and manages team fees.

Volunteer Coordinator:

Responsible for ensuring that all player families fulfill their volunteer obligations, by staffing club and team events.

Other team level volunteer opportunities:

The following list of team level tasks help the team run smoothly, and allow the coach to concentrate on coaching!

Though individual team tasks may vary, these are typically:

    • Fundraising Coordinator 
    • Social Coordinator
    • Photographer
    • Webmaster
    • Tent/canopy parent
    • Medical kit parent
    • Travel coordinator
    • Game day ice parent
    • Sideline coat parent
    • Team bench parent

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