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Why Do Players And Parents Choose ECFC?

Please read the following club documents, written by ECFC Director of Coaching John Hamel and Technical Director David Smith,  to learn why Emerald City FC is the best choice for your son or daughter.

Club Philosophy Statement

For many years, ECFC has been led by the experience and wisdom of world reknown, Bobby Howe (ECFC Director of Coaching Emeritus).  Click here for Bobby’s thoughts and reflections which built the foundation for ECFC

I let all youth teams play the same way, like the first team. I always put the emphasis on learning. Sometimes I had the suspicion the youth coaches were more concerned with winning. They cared about their own reputation.
I cared only about the interest of the club. When a player with talent couldn't defend, I put him in defense so he could learn, but that could cost a point, but I didnt care, I was busy developing the player.

Johan CruyffDutch Soccer Great


2015, Emerald City FC Player, Saku Carter, To Play For Sounders Academy

Saku is thrilled to have been accepted by the Seattle Sounders Academy team as a defensive player for the remainder of this season and next season, and appreciates the role that Emerald City and its coaches have played in bringing him to his current level of development as a soccer player.  He and his entire family is also grateful for the ways in which Emerald City has enhanced them socially, through the camaraderie fostered by the club– between the players, the club members and its board, the coaching staff, and the family supporters…

For the complete article click here

2014, Goalkeeper Stuart Johnson Selected To Play For Shattuck St Marys Soccer Academy:

Stuart’s parents and their ECFC experience, “We have had a phenomenal experience with ECFC from day one. The team (coaches, players and parents) welcomed us and brought us up to speed quickly on the workings of the team. We feel very lucky to have had two years with Bobby Howe as coach of M97G and for the short time with coach David Smith. Stuart learned a lot about the game from his coaches, including GK coach Matthew Olson, and greatly improved his skills. We will miss the people who make ECFC such a great club, and will take with us lots of great memories.”

2013, Girls Fall Development Team Parent:

“We love the Emerald City program. The coaching staff is extremely qualified, not only in soccer, but in child psych as it relates to sports. Their objective in slow and steady hard work, enjoying the game, and taking risks so that ability can grow and strengthen. They give the girls a great deal ofresponsibility on the field during games. No yelling from the sidelines. Focus is on using skills learned in practice, learning the positions, and playing as a team. That said, Maddie’s team was undefeated this Fall!

They have a Fall season and a Spring Season. They do offer Futsal (indoor soccer) in the winter months, but encourage kids to participate in other sports and activities to avoid burnout. There is also a short June Tournament Session that lasts only through the month and ends in a fun Jamboree.

I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. In a large “nutshell”….I’m amazed at the growth I’ve seen not only in Maddie since she’s started with Emerald City, but also with all of her teammates. It’s a great Club.

Let me know if you would like more details. Hope they’ll join the Spring Team!!!”

Boys Dev Team Parent:

“When I saw my 8 year old son begin to find joy in soccer, I wanted to find the right way for that joy to develop and grow. We gave the Emerald City development program a try. It’s one thing to articulate a coaching philosophy on a website; it’s another thing altogether to live it every week at practice. At ECFC, I found the right philosophy and the right people. They know that motivated, young players should feel appropriately challenged, confident, unafraid to experiment and make mistakes, and overall a great joy and excitement in playing and especially in playing at a high level. Isn’t that why we play games in the first place?”

– Ryan S., Emerald City FC Parent

Jasper Malamud Of ECFC M97 Green To Play For Shattuck-St Marys Soccer Academy

Jasper, co-captain of M97 Green, has been with ECFC since U10 and he embodies the values of Emerald City FC, a hard working player with an excellent work ethic. From Bobby Howe “Jasper has worked very hard to improve his game and I hope that his progress will serve as an incentive to all our players who aspire to excellence”

In Jasper’s own words “I really enjoyed playing for Emerald City FC. The coaching staff has been fantastic. My first years were with Jon Matsushita. He had a great style and made playing — whether winning or losing — always instructive. He really motivated me to push myself. For the last two years I’ve been coached by Bobby Howe. He taught me new ways to approach the game, focusing on tactics and awareness. He helped me and my teammates make progress together — and his stories of playing professional soccer were always great. And of course over the years the players on my team have become some of my best friends. In some ways it’s hard to imagine leaving, but I look forward to seeing and playing with them in the future.”

Aaron Kovar’s Parents Talk About His Development:

“Aaron ended up with the Sounders. The Kovar family can look back with fondness at all the years with ECFC. I look back at my kid’s soccer skills and know where they developed. Aaron just made it on the U-18 Men’s National Team Pool. I think he is the only kid from the Pacific Northwest. Win a spot on the 18 man roster or not, we are so very proud of him and all the work he has put into his passion for all these years. I am (speaking) to acknowledge to Emerald City FC the huge role the club has played in his development.”

-R. Kovar, parent of ECFC alumnus Aaron Kovar

Kryshane Wright’s Father Describes His Development:

Dr. Mr. President & Board-

My son, Kryshane Wright, will be at tryouts on the 12th and 13th for the U-16, ECFC season 2010-2011. I would like to thank you personally, for the great soccer experience you people have provided him since you made it possible for him to join your club. His self esteem, confidence, social skills, and the quality of his soccer abilitys have all improved dramatically since he immigrated, and has been exposed to your organization.

He has been able to bring these attributes with him to school, and his social life. For our family, this is all about “player developement,” and I’m talking about the values his coach, Erik Oman, has been able to communicate to these boys. Sportsmanship, pride in one’s self, as well as presenting a good image of the club, as a representative of it, and your team. Winning is great, but a person needs to understand how to lose graciously also, or he will never understand how to really be a winner. These boys have grown into fine young men under his influence, and I’m sure that whatever happens, Kash will remember his time at ECFC with satisfaction and pride.

Thank you again-
Tim Griswold

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