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About ECFC

Where do ECFC Teams Play?

Emerald City FC is a member of US Club. The majority of tournaments in the US accept US Club membership and therefore Emerald City FC teams can play in any tournament in the United States.
Here are some examples of recent tournaments played in by ECFC teams:
  • Las Vegas Mayors Cup, International Showcase (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Nomads Coaches Showcase (San Diego, CA)
  • FC Portland Winter College Showcase (Portland, OR)
  • Showcase of Champions, College Tournament
  • Nike Crossfire Challenge
  • US Club Regionals
  • Snohomish Big Foot
  • Nike Lake Oswego Cup
  • Skagit Firecracker
  • Skagit River Cup
  • Federal Way Blast Off
  • Santa Clara Invitational (Santa Clara, CA)
  • Puma Rimland Pacific Cup
  • Baker Blast
  • Portland Cup (Portland, OR)
  • Rainier Challenge
  • Pacific Coast Challenge
  • Champions Cup (Stockton, CA)
  • The Surf College Cup (San Diego, CA)
  • Nomads Thanksgiving Tournament (San Diego, CA)
  • US Club Starfire Cup
  • PAC NW Winter Classic

League Play

Emerald City FC teams play in the local US Club league called the Washington Premier League. Teams can travel throughout WA State to play. US Club also offers various levels of competition that depends on each team qualifying from league play.

In 2013 US Club invited WA clubs to the NPL. So in addition, teams that place first in their WPL division, qualify for the NPL Cup, a National Tournament.

Cup Play

At the end of the Fall season, US Club offers the Washington Cup, with teams participating from throughout WA State. Winners of the WA Cup then qualify for an out of state tournament played in the summer,

  • boys teams qualify for the Santa Clara Invitational
  • girls teams qualify for the Mustang Stampede

Additionally, US Club offers the Pacific Coast Super Cup as an end of season tournament. Teams from both WA and OR participate, and ECFC is proud to be one of the clubs representing WA in this tournament.

US Club NW Regionals

Emerald City FC teams also play in a regional tournament, open to all clubs that have US Club affilliation. This tournament matches teams from through out WA, OR, ID, HI, CA and surrounding states. Winning this tournament then qualifies teams for the US Club Nationals.

US Club Id2 Player Identification And Devlopment

The WPL offers a Surf Academy program for WPL players that is based on tryouts and performance. Players from across WA train and play during the Surf Academy season in addition to their club team, providing additional training opportunities for elite players to train and compete together under the guidance of top national and regional coaches. The WPL Surf Academy is a pathway for players who aspire to reach the next level, who aspire to play collegiate soccer. The goal is to create opportunities for players to be seen and recruited by college coaches. Teams play in College Showcase events around the country.

US Club

Participation in US Club events are continually being revised and assessed by the Emerald City FC  coaching director and his staff.

US Club events may be added from season to season depending on age group and gender.

  • For more information about the WPL, WA Cup and Pacific Coast Super Cup please click here.
  • For details about the NPL please click here.
  • For information about US Club NW Regionals please click here.
  • For more on the US Club id2 Player identification and Development Program click here.

High School Soccer Seasons

Emerald City FC high school age teams do not play club games or tournaments during the high school soccer season. This applies to girls fall high school soccer and boys spring high school soccer. Coaches may start training as the high school season winds down in order to prepare for the beginning of the club season. This varies from team to team and age group.

Want To Know More?

If you have any further questions regarding our program at Emerald City FC please contact us at manager@emeraldcityfc or contact our Coaching Director. A club representative can also be reached at 1.206.629.8860.

Johan Cruyff was one of the greatest players of my era and all time. It is very encouraging to know that his thoughts are very much in line with our current philosophy. "

Bobby HoweECFC Director of Coaching

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